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We answers to common questions


How many alerts sent daily?

We send about 30 alerts each month, trading days. 20% are intraday alert realtime. We report the buy price and on the same day we send the signal to close operation. The 80% of the signals are multidays, from 2/3 days to a maximum of 3 weeks. These signals are sent each beginning of the month.


There is a minimum of cash to invest?

It depends by platforms, we do not invest your money, just send the alerts. Usually the least we recommend is $5,000, many platforms work in leverage, so suffice to operate with good brokerage fees.


We are not a broker, don't manage your money

We send alert buy/sell realtime by whatsapp, do not manage your investments, we are not a broker. You can follow our alert and make operations by your broker of confidence on their own terms.


What financial instruments used and what you invest?

Our system 1000 operates by CFDs and Futures. CFDs is an arrangement made in a futures contract whereby differences in settlement are made through cash payments, rather than by the delivery of physical goods or securities. Generally this is an easier method of settlement, because both losses and gains are paid in cash. CFDs provide higher leverage than traditional trading. Standard leverage in the CFD market is as low as a 2% margin requirement and as high as a 20% one.


Membership-fee-back guarantee!?

Most of our services come with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. However, some of our services have their own refund terms and conditions which may differ from this policy. Please be sure to review any additional terms and conditions with respect to any specific service you subscribe to as that service's refund policy will control.


Which broker suggested me to work with you?

We believe that Interactive Brokers is the best broker with which to operate, but we have customers in 12 different countries and many use E*TRADE, TD Ameritrade or Scottrade. It makes no difference, if you have a broker and you feel good, then it will be the right one.